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This is one of the latest additions to Nagpur’s catalog of fine dining outlets. A big part of what’s moving the needle for Double Decker has to be its peculiar brand identity, curated expertly from scratch. And as often, the design magicians at Thinkin’ Birds deserve the credit for this feat hands-on.

As a newly opened restaurant in the alluring downtown of Nagpur, Double Decker indeed features tons of novelty for the locals. The eatery aims to chauffeur authentic American taste straight to the palates of its gourmet citizens. But the magic would have not been feasible without aid from the in-house design savvy at Thinkin’ Birds. The partner firm has created wide-ranging visual assets to help the fledgling restaurant gain its early traction. Amongst the chief features are the enchanting graphics and illustrations etched right into the menu, packaging, and even the cutlery.

The elements virtually extend the concept of a holistic and versatile brand identity that caters to audiences of varying tastes and age groups. Everything from typography to colors to borders speaks of a bold and animated theme that is both trendy and inclusive at the same time. The fans of American cuisine are certain to treasure the coordinated ambiance as much as the appetizing platters.

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