Shabana Bakery

Brand and website project

Brand Identity
Social Media
If there’s anyone out there who truly knows what they’re doing while designing, it’s got to be the folks at Thinkin’ Birds. One need look no further than Shabana Bakery to make the case. The said business has been delighting customers since the 1980s and continues to be a favorite amongst the locals, thanks in no small measure to the magic of design.

When they first chanced upon Shabana, the designers immediately began seeing fresh possibilities. Soon enough, they started charting an even brighter future for the shop by helping mold its unique personality in everything it offered and the behind-the-scenes genius moving the cogs. From the menu, packaging, and illustrations to the interiors and social media elements, the avian designers rocked it all for Shabana. As of today, the bakery store boasts thousands of raving reviews on Google, besides a whopping 50,000 votes across leading food delivery apps. Indeed, everything from the breathtaking ambiance and inviting color palettes to the fun cartoon artwork is to pine for.

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